Academic Qualifications

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MA (Hons) History 2.1, The University of Edinburgh, 1998-2002.

As part of my four-year undergraduate Masters Degree, I studied Medieval and Renaissance History, East Asian History, espionage in the Second Word War, European migration to America and the British slave trade. The latter formed the basis of my dissertation. Within my Honours’ years I studied Historical Theory, which has strong critical thinking and philosophical links. In my pre-Honours year I also studied Criminology, Japanese, Business and Jurisprudence.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (History & Modern Studies), The University of Edinburgh, 2003-2004.

Teacher training course that focused on pedagogy for secondary school teaching.

Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership, The University of Leicester, 2015-2017.

Educational Leadership and Strategic Management: International Perspectives.
Leadership in educational organisations, organisational analysis and micro-politics, gender issues, strategic management and development planning, institutional improvement & effectiveness, the impact of culture on the leadership of educational institutions and the management of change.

Managing the curriculum: International curriculum models, models of curriculum organisation & management, the role of the curriculum coordinator/subject leader, management staff to support the curriculum, monitoring the curriculum and researching curriculum management.

Human Resource Management: Recruitment, selection & induction of staff, motivation of staff, managing and reviewing performance, equal opportunities in a variety of cultural and national settings, managing support staff, roles and structures within educational institutions and developing staff within a learning organisation.

Certificate in Terrorism Studies, The University of St Andrews, 2015-2017.

This course examined the fundamental issues behind terrorism and the current responses to this threat. The course also explored:
* The concept of terrorism
* Types of terrorism & prominent terrorist groups.
* The role of business & media sectors in countering terrorist activities.
* Emerging trends in terrorism.
* Cyber-terrorism.
* Radicalisation, disengagement, and de-radicalisation.
* Islamism, Jihadism, Salafism and Fundamentalism.
* Human rights.

MSc Educational Technology & Instructional Design, MIA Digital University, Barcelona, 2020-2021.

Certificate in Media and Technology in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2020-2021.