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What is the instructional design model, ADDIE?

I work as an instructional designer and one piece of advice that I can share right off the bat is that without really thinking about the purpose, design and planning of your online learning provision, you will find it difficult to evaluate and may even find that in the worst case scenario that your online course is not fit for purpose.

Instructional designers use many different frameworks for constructing online courses and trainings. If we think of designing online learning as building an extension to an existing house analogy, we would need to begin with some drawings, figure out the depth of foundations, understand the scaffolding required (eg: steel beams), understand the planning implications and the permissions required, make calculations about roof projections, interior design all while coordinating the various professionals that are required to make the construction project a success. We would need to think about what the success criteria are for this building project: did the build come in on time and within budget? Is it weather proof? Does it meet the project brief? Is the client happy with the result? Is it aesthetically pleasing?