Why creativity brings freedom

When I was at school, I dreamed of being a writer. I still do.

I have worked as a secondary school teacher for the past 18 years and can usually identify the children that read and those that use and have used their imaginations to create their own unsupervised games and stories to find solutions to problems by the way they communicate with their peers and teachers.

The projection of other people’s expectations onto us is commonplace. Our parents, teachers and other caregivers often set ideals by which we should our lives.

These are their ideals.

In childhood we can aspire to meet these ideals as we are socially conditioned by our parents to be ‘good’, be it with excellent exam results, by being seen and not heard, by being pretty or thin, by following their faith, football team or political stance, by marrying someone of whom they approve, or by hiding our emotions or sexuality, for example.