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Online Class

Interactive video learning

Avoid passive asynchronous learning by adding interactivity to your video messages, online teaching or training.

Below you will find examples of interactive elements that can be added to your videos. If this is something that you would like support with, please contact me.

Interactive quiz example

Below you will find an example of an interactive quiz. The user is given immediate feedback with a follow up explanation. Each answer option is followed by a final interactive element that directs the learner to choose an option for further learning.

Interactive hotspots

Below you will find an example of an online course. The teacher explains aspects of a painting and then hotspots are revealed that direct the learner to a deeper dive on those elements. The user clicks the hotspots to reveal more information.

More examples will follow very soon

School welcome video

Below you will find an example of a school communication that offers interactivity for the user by providing choices of the order of information. Embedded in the video are clickable hyperlinks.

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