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Supporting your teachers with high impact learning and teaching strategies to guide your students’ metacognition and attainment.


Are you tired of investing money into professional development training for your teachers that doesn’t have a tangible impact on the quality of education provision and the development of your students’ ability to learn how to learn?

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Senior school leaders often struggle to identify high impact, meaningful professional learning and development opportunities for every teacher and area of the curriculum.


To tackle this issue, Hexis21 created an ambitious, research-informed online course designed to improve the quality of learning and teaching. This asynchronous micro-learning course will result in high-quality, future-focused experiences and outcomes for all students.


In addition, it will provide opportunities for teachers to develop their pedagogical skills which will result in the development of a whole-school culture committed to high quality education, effective engagement, student and teacher agency and positive, supportive relationships.




We have worked with hundreds of teachers and school leaders to improve the quality of learning and teaching in their school. We understand how to identify and create high impact professional development for all teachers and areas of the school curriculum.

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Lead consultant, Hannah Young is a Fellow of the College of Chartered Teachers (FCCT) and a Chartered Teacher of History. Educated at some of the world’s leading educational institutions, such as Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge University Judge Business School and by industry giants, notably Google and Meta, Hannah Young is a committed educationalist.

20 years of classroom experience along with a Masters in Instructional Design and Education Technology and postgraduate certificates in Secondary Teaching and Educational Leadership, you can be confident that you are in experienced hands.

I will help you revolutionise the learning and teaching in your school to empower teachers, improve your students' academic attainment and hone their life long learning skills.

It was a delight and a privilege to welcome Hannah to Lomond School to deliver two workshops during our INSET. She understood the 'brief' and worked hard to fulfil our requirements - designing a bespoke session which supported our next steps in the delivery, tracking and assessment of inquiry learning.


It was relevant and accessible to colleagues across all departments including our junior school. Many colleagues told me that they used them the very next day, which is high praise indeed!

-Johanna Urquhart, Principal at Lomond School.

Although I must accept it is possible an educator exists in the world who is as thoroughly knowledgeable as Hannah about the practice of education, the more I hear her share, the less inclined I am to believe I (or you) will ever find that person.

Hannah's instruction was ahead of the curve before the pandemic had even set the curve, seamlessly integrating sound pedagogy in a virtual environment years before anyone knew how difficult that is to accomplish. But it is Hannah's ability to communicate her sophisticated practice - breaking down step-by-step what she is doing and why, in a way that truly anyone would understand - that sets her so far apart.

In my work with Hannah, she set a more strict deadline for herself than what I would have asked, and delivered ahead of schedule, well in excess of expectations. Her products were crisp, relevant, and clear to the point of giving the illusion they are easily replicable. Don't be fooled! There is only one Hannah Young, and if you ever have the opportunity, I can recommend without reservation that you work with her yourself to see what I mean.

-Jason Anklowitz, CEO Zipprd

Hannah Young is an incredible pioneer for a new way of learning and adapting to this modern world. A real professional who is very well-read and passionate about modern learning that prepares young people for success, that transcends formal methods of academic study.

As a regular guest on my podcast show the conversation was insightful and thought-provoking, which made the interview even better on the Hey Ryan Podcast. Since the first interview on my show, this led to many more and the obvious choice as a speaker at my MATC conferences. It's a breath of fresh air to talk with a fellow academic and for the conversation to flow beyond tradition and to celebrate a more colourful and expansive approach that's inclusive and experimental.

Hannah will be a regular guest on my podcast show and would be a credit to any organisation that wish to look at new ways to deliver content that's both transformative and allows creativity in a world that requires more than just talent but a resilient mind that can pivot.

- Ryan Allen, Host of Hey Ryan Podcast

Hannah delivered our inset training on inquiry based learning. It was an interactive demonstration of many useful strategies that could be immediately adopted in our classrooms. I’ve already tried a few techniques, that were well received by my pupils and aided their understanding.

- Karen Ferguson, Business and Economics Teacher

Access the Professional Development Your Teachers Need & Want

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Access a wide range of practical, research-informed strategies to improve teaching and learning via the online asynchronous course. The course is priced at £50 per teacher. Each teacher has their own account and can download unbranded templates for use in their lessons.

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2. Teachers integrate the strategies

Invigorate existing good practice with innovative strategies while reducing teacher workload and increasing confidence and agency. Support experienced, new and early career teachers with their knowledge, understanding and application of the science of learning.


3. Students' metacognition develops

Teachers model and teach explicitly how to learn how to learn. Students understand how to process & make personal meaning of curriculums. Students develop and practise resilience, goal setting, critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration skills to help them survive and thrive now and in the future.


I am often dismayed when I read articles and reports correlating the quality of education simply with PISA scores or national and international examination grades. This is an easy way to offer empirical, albeit static, measurements of attainment that tell us little about the quality of education a learner has experienced throughout their senior school years.


To mitigate the impact of teacher and student covid-19 related absence, some examination boards have for the past two years removed any ongoing assessment, such as coursework, so that now these empirical data sets identify attainment in one moment in time. If we were to tell this story of the quality of the education a student has experienced within such a context, this story would have holes.


The quality of education should not be measured by the output of the student in an examination setting. This is how attainment is measured.


The quality of education is absolutely in the hands of the school leaders, teachers, classroom assistants and to an extent, students themselves. The quality of education incorporates the learning experiences within and beyond the classroom walls. It depends on the extent of overcrowding in the classroom, whether the workload of teachers, assistants and leaders is manageable, the supportive ethos and culture of a school which encourages positive relationships and behaviour.


Of course, funding impacts the quality of the education experience but only when it is spent on resources that support the learning and teaching experience of all students. This can include classroom resources, equipment purchases, building and grounds maintenance, teacher and support staff salaries and training, trips etc.

So, how might we plan to improve the quality of education in a mainstream school setting?

Here is a 5 step blueprint:


⭐ Design an ambitious, carefully planned, inclusive, and sequenced curriculum that includes traditional academic subjects and vocational courses.


⭐ Ensure teachers are trained in the science of learning so learners are supported to recall knowledge and skills and integrate them into larger concepts and unfamiliar situations. 


⭐ Focus on developing metacognition in all learners. Research from the EEF identified that when these skills are taught, the impact on learning and development is significant particularly among disadvantaged learners.


⭐ Use formative assessment regularly not only to boost the confidence of students, but to check their misconceptions, provide direct feedback and inform next steps in teaching and lesson design. Avoid excessive summative assessment as this can measure one-time anxiety-driven performance as opposed to learning and understanding over time.


⭐ Identify strategies to reduce teacher workload with high quality, central planning and resourcing.

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Teaching for Learning Course


The Teaching for Learning online course is a self-led, supportive and innovative professional development resource that targets these five steps. There are opportunities to learn via video, audio, eBook, and research paper.


There is a vast template library for each learning and teaching strategy along with step by step guides to transform each idea to suit specific contexts. High quality lesson starters, plenaries, and retrieval practice are just some of the templates available to teachers to edit with ease and speed. Teachers will feel well-supported and grow in confidence and expertise as they progress through the online, asynchronous course.


If you would like to explore the online course without obligation, please email me at or contact me via the contact page on this website.


The course is priced at £50 per teacher for lifetime access.


There are also courses available in Creative Thinking and Meditation to develop teachers’ creativity and wellbeing.

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Professional Services

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We offer high quality, engaging video production, script writing and professional voice overs.


We can create or transform presentations, research-informed articles, speeches, UGC, influencer & affiliate marketing, blogs and website copy to save you time and help you maintain a professional reputation.

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Based on 20 years of education experience, professional training and postgraduate academic research, Hannah Young can consult on a range of learning and teaching strategies.

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