I will help you revolutionise the learning and teaching in your school to empower teachers, improve your students' academic attainment and hone their life long learning skills.

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We help busy educators with impactful, research-led learning and teaching strategies to future proof their students.

Working with Hannah Young will yield tangible results for students' experiences and outcomes and teachers' motivation and educational impact. This will be demonstrable through a wide range of fresh, research-informed and engaging teaching and learning strategies.


Through bespoke consultancy plans and models, Hannah Young will guide and support you to build visible cultures of  critical and creative thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills that provide opportunities to develop students' academic performance, growth mindset, resilience, compassion, and self-esteem.

Professional Services

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We offer high quality, engaging video production, script writing and professional voice overs.


We can create or transform presentations, research-informed articles, speeches, blogs and website copy to save you time and help you maintain a professional reputation.

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Based on 20 years of education experience, professional training and postgraduate academic research, Hannah Young can consult on a range of learning and teaching strategies.